The stability and durability of our closets or bookcases is largely due to the small components for furniture assembly, thanks to which we obtain a compatible whole. With their help we connect panels, doors, shelves and drawers which we later use every day. The quality of these accessories has a significant impact on the final functionality of a large part of our home appliances.

From a nail to a plug, or elements for furniture assembly

Regardless of whether we make our own furniture or maybe we buy ready-made furniture in packages in the store, it always requires proper assembly. Individual boards and panels need to be stably and firmly connected with each other using various types of connectors, which we buy ourselves or get a ready-made set along with the rest of the elements. These are different types of accessories that resemble traditional nails, connectors or screws. Although you may not notice it at first glance, they differ significantly.

Among the most popular elements for furniture assembly, we can distinguish first of all nails, screws, bolts, confirmat screws, dowels, connectors, supports, fins, screws, guides, angles and many others, with different functions and purposes. Their correct use determines the stability and strength of the entire structure, and often also their external aesthetics, e.g. in the case of plugs.

Confirmat screws or special screws

One of the very important and key elements of furniture assembly are special screws, which have a changed mill shape. They are seams that are assembled with the help of special drill bits and are used to join two furniture boards together at a right angle. Their importance is therefore unquestionable, because it is thanks to them, among other things, that the structure of the entire piece of furniture is supported.

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These elements are available in a variety of parameters, making it easy to match them to your needs. They can vary in diameter, length, as well as the type of socket. The most standard are characterized by an Allen socket and diameters of 6.4 mm and 7.0 mm. However, it is important to choose such that will provide adequate stability for the entire structure.

Choose the right quality elements for furniture assembly

As you can easily guess, these small accessories are of great importance for the entire construction and functionality of our equipment. They provide strength and stability. Therefore, it is important that they are of appropriate quality and used in accordance with their intended purpose. Pay attention to their workmanship and choose those that are made of good materials. Their quality ultimately translates into a good end result.