Renovation companies willingly use plasterboards, which can be used instead of traditional wet plaster.

Thanks to this, the interior can be finished faster, the board can be painted very quickly after filling in the holes and making connections. This type of solution has many advantages, is cheaper, and requires less specialist knowledge. In addition, plasterboard will be used to finish attics, create ceilings or partition walls.

Modern thermal insulation solutions

Renovation and construction services in Vienna

In the case of expanding the attic, raising the last floor, thermal insulation foam is often used, which can replace the glass wool used so far. It is a material that fills all holes very well, adjusts to the smallest gaps. Thanks to this, we get rid of thermal bridges characteristic of some types of insulation. We can also combine two types of insulation, i.e. foam and cotton wool. Various insulating materials are also used on the outside, roofing felt, modern foils that ensure moisture permeability, thanks to which moisture is drained from the inside, which reduces the risk of fungus or mold.

Films operating in the Vienna area can do a wide variety of interior finishing jobs. They perform, for example, finishing office spaces. Companies that rent office buildings want to adapt the space to the client’s requirements. This will require the division of individual floors, the creation of workplaces, as well as the finishing of the ceilings with the use of appropriate lighting and all the necessary infrastructure. Plasterboards are used to create narrow partition walls, which allows to increase the available space in relation to other traditional solutions. In addition, companies can also offer interior design, comprehensive work related to reconstruction, extension and renovation.

Detailed information on the services provided in Vienna and the surrounding area by the renovation and construction company can be found at The company provides a wide range of services, it can be the extension of the attic in a single-family house as well as the preparation of usable interiors in commercial buildings. The company also deals with interior design and comprehensive execution.