An athlete’s body is like a well operated machine.

It works by the sweat of its brow in pursuit of the goal it has set for itself. However, just like a machine needs servicing and oiling from time to time, the athlete’s body loses some of its resources during advanced exercises. In order to keep it healthy, strong and able to develop further, deficiencies must be replenished. A very important part are the right minerals that keep watch over the performance of many processes.


What minerals to choose for supplementation?

There are many minerals – most of them must be supplied with food. In order for an athlete’s body to function properly, you need to provide it with a solid dose of ingredients such as:

– Sodium and potassium; they maintain proper water and electrolyte balance of the body conditioning the proper functioning of virtually every system. Without proper hydration and maintenance of fluids
is not possible to carry out practically any biochemical process in the body.
The nearest minerals for the body of an athlete

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– Iron; takes an active part in carrying and transporting oxygen needed by muscles for energy production and work. Without it, you could literally suffocate, which is why optimum levels of iron boost the body’s physical performance, something every athlete fights hard to achieve.

– Magnesium; it escapes easily with sweat and urine, so its losses can be very rapid and intense. It plays a role in muscle contraction during exercise. Its deficiency can lead to twitching, “vibrations”, tingling or muscle spasms during and after exercise – and they are very unhealthy and painful.

– Calcium; is involved in the proper functioning of the heart pumping blood to all organs. In addition, it participates in the transmission of signal from one neuron to another ensuring the continuity of transmitted information and fast reaction time.


Taking care of an athlete’s condition is not only about hard workouts. It is also a balanced diet based on all micro and macro elements which allow the body to regenerate. It is worth providing the appropriate minerals with food or buying supplements, which can be found in every pharmacy.