The subject of sex undoubtedly attracts masses of readers or listeners. After all, sex-related topics are rarely mentioned by people in their daily life. However, not everyone is afraid to move around adult topics.

Should sex be taboo?

Sex is not taboo

However, the topic of Sex is not for everyone the topic that should be avoided in a wide berth. Katarzyna Kroteniuk, editor-in-chief of says that she is not afraid of any difficult topic, just as she is not ashamed of writing this or talking about sex.
“Of course, we don’t go into each other’s and with whom and how often they have sex, but we’re not afraid to write about sex. After all, it is a very important part of our life, “explains Kroteniuk with a laugh.

What topics regarding sex are covered on the blog?

On the blog, you can primarily find topics related to problems with having sex. The articles mainly concern problems with potency in young people and the elderly. Interestingly and noteworthy is the fact that young men can have problems with satisfying sex. Often these problems are caused not by physical dysfunctions of the body, as we can read on the blog, but most of all, from mental problems that young men have to deal with. Fortunately, in this matter they can count on the help of specialists, psychologists and even partners. After all, it is important for both parties to have a successful sex life.

In addition, on the blog you can find quite unusual topics related to allergy to condoms, a love ritual performed on a given person, or natural pheromones. Certainly, everyone will find something for themselves there. Importantly, the blog can be read completely anonymously. Nobody requires our personal data from anyone in order to read the content on the website. And it is also completely free.

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