When we notice that the internet is not working properly, websites take too long to load, then we can look for the reason for this state of affairs.

Of course, this is often caused by network load from various programs that run in the background. It can be, for example, our graphics card software that will download a large driver update. Another reason will be, for example, that games are updated by platforms such as Steam. Of course, many different programs can download all kinds of patches, updates, large amounts of data that will limit our internet connection.

How to test internet speed?

Under what conditions should the test be performed?

Therefore, sometimes we may notice a drop in speed, applications such as Skype may not work properly, signal and video may be lost. If we want to check the speed of our connection, make sure that it is working properly, then it is worth using various websites that offer online tests. Thanks to this, we will be able to obtain information on the download speed and data upload speed in the case of our link. Then we can compare the results with the offer of our supplier.

The results can sometimes be disturbed by the software running in the background, also devices that are connected to the router via a wireless network, such as mobile phones, smart TVs, or tablets, can also download or send various types of data. Therefore, it is worth resetting the router, temporarily disconnecting all wireless devices, and making sure that the software is not downloading any updates at this time. Then we will be able to get the real internet speed. The speed test can be used, for example, when we want to check whether the Wi-Fi signal is reaching our TV or other device in our home.

Of course, we can carry out tests using the speed test website on many different devices connected to the router via cable or wirelessly, it can be a laptop or smartphone. they could check the transmission speed via cable and wirelessly. We will also check in which rooms we have the best coverage.